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Aluminium Fabrication

We offer all type services regarding Aluminium Fabrication. We also provide service with or without material to our valuable client. We do also repairing or renovate product to our clients regarding any kind of solution of aluminium or fabrication work. we also involved in providing aluminium or glass partition if client needed.


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Dust Resistance
  • Nominal prices
  • High Strength


Pergola is an outdoor open structure that can be used as a means to display ramblers or as a means to shade the outdoor seating area .ASASI is one of the best aluminum pergolas manufacturers & Installations in UAE. We offer a full range of aluminum pergolas to optimize the comfort of your home.

Composite Panel And Cladding

Aluminium panels used for cladding building facades distinguished for their isolating heat and resistance to fire in addition to other features like multiple colours and carvings, easy and fast installation, high durability and low cost. It supports multiple types of new construction operations such as brick work, frame structures and metal structures, homes made in advance and readymade houses,decorations for old buildings and energy saving buildings.

Umberlla Works

We have adopted innovative model methods for horizontal and vertical covering solutions and tenting which fullfills all kinds of requirements for building exterior areas, Villas, schools and commercial centres with the high and technical specifications.

What You Receive?

At Dependable Aluminum, we believe in providing the most reliable and professional service possible. Our team of dedicated workers listens to your needs and makes sure every product is built to fit your specific standards.