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We are specialized in structural steel fabrication works for commercial, residential & industrial projects as per client's requirement. We offer fabrication, welding and installation services in Dubai & Across UAE.

Deals with

  • Steel structures
  • Shed and warehouses
  • Steel construction
  • Steel Handrails
  • Steel Staircase
  • Cat Ladders
  • Cage Ladders
  • Car parking Sheds
  • Platforms

Stainless Steel And Brass Decorative Items


Reliable Fabricators LLC is a leading Engineering Company that provides Stainless Steel and Brass Decorative fabrication, and other engineering services and products for the construction, infrastructure and industrial sectors in the Middle East

●Decorative cladding to columns,Doors,Walls, Lifts, Escalators etc in Mirror finish, Brush finish, Gold plated and Antique finishes

●Handrails, Foot rails,Door handles, Fire Hose Cabinets etc.

●Custom made Furniture, Sculpture,and Signage in mirror, Brush and Gold plated and Antique Finishes.

●Canopies, Window shades,Louvers Etc

●Glass Balustrades

●Stainless Steel Staircases, Ladders, Grating and Checkered Plate Platforms, Walkways etc

●Stainless Steel Tanks, Bollards, Safety Guards,Brackets, Etc

●Stainless Steel Tool Room Products.

● Any type of architectural Stainless Steel Works for joinery and Interior Decoration,as per Client requirements and specifications.

Mild Steel Fabrication

● Structural Steel Metal Works (Industrial
Warehouses,Factories,Mezzanine Floors).

● Handrailes,Cat Ladders, Cage Ladders, Platforms, Misc. Metal Works.

●Gratings, Checkered Plate Forms, Walkways.

●Tanks( Circular/Rectangular),Bollards,Barriers,Brackets.

●Cement storage/ Industries Equipment.

●Piping Spools, Boiler Support Structures,Railings.

● Chemical Injection Skids

● Form Staircase Light poles.

● Moulds for Casting/ Pre- casting

● Gantry Cranes, Machining Components.

What You Receive?

we believe in providing the most reliable and professional service possible. Our team of dedicated workers listens to your needs and makes sure every product is built to fit your specific standards.